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Advertising Guidelines

We are launching this magazine with one goal – to create the most beautiful, high-end real estate publication along the Orange County Coastline. This is accomplished by presenting the offered home in an upscale and professional manner that gives style & credibility to the property and promotes the agent as a successful Luxury Home Specialist. 

In order to accomplish the goal of this publication, we have instituted advertising guidelines that must be followed by participating agents. These guidelines will secure that the upscale look and feel of the magazine stays consistent. Please read the guidelines below and share them with your marketing staff. 

Design Layout Guidelines


Two-Page Spread Designs

Two-page spreads may use full bleed for their listings. You may use a maximum of 250 words to describe the listing. This design requires 10-15 high-resolution images, along with one head shot and logo. (Unless property is co-listed or presented by a group).


Single Page Designs

Unless the page is next to an editorial page, full bleed may not be used on a single page design. You may use a maximum of 150 words to describe the listing, 8-10 high-resolution images, and one head shot and logo. (Unless the property is co-listed or presented by a group). 


Half Page Designs

Half pages are limited to two designs, one with a single photo and one with 4 photos. You may use 35 words to describe the listing.  This design requires 1-4 high-resolution images, one head shot, and logo. Only one agent per half page will be presented. 

Premium Position Guidelines 


Cover Layout

The cover is available for purchase. It contains one photo, the address of the property, the agent’s name & company, and the words “Featured Home Presented By….” The photo for the cover must be approved by our production staff. 


Premium Positions

Premium Positions are on pages 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9. These positions are reserved for two-page spreads containing one or two properties. They may not contain half pages, quarter pages, or any other size ads. 


Back Page Branding

Branding ads only may be placed on the back page. No properties in this position. The Back Page design must be clean, elegant, and contain a small amount of text.  No agent photos permitted on this page. 

Design Layout Prohibitions


Branding Ads

Branding ads may not contain a large amount of text.  We create branding ads in an elegant, upscale manner with very little text. In any high-end publication, it is the images that make the ad. White space is not your enemy. 


Background Colors

We create all advertisements in the magazine. We do not create layouts with solid background colors. All layouts will be created with and must have solid white backgrounds to keep all layouts consistent. 


Low Resolution Images

We do not accept low resolution or dark images for layouts (unless they are night shots of the exterior of the home.)  All photos must be at least 300 dpi and be approved by our production staff.